Pandemic Winds​.​.​.

by Wald Krypta

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released December 26, 2016

Einsam - Guitars/Lyrics
Heresiarch - Drums/Vocals



all rights reserved


Wald Krypta

Black Metal from USA/Canada

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Track Name: In Midnight Forest...
Black figures surround visions
Thrive in the warm satanic flame
Blind Jehovah, foolish cunt
Indulge in the obscure blasphemies

Invoke of darkness

Hordes' shaitan, reap of chaos...
Father moans upon his cross
Precious, and innocent
We desecrate the harlots
Tongues will steady speak
Jewish breed, honorless thieves
Red wine on the final feast

Naked whores, display of pure
Ritual of impurity
Harsh, undisturbed and unholy
Children of the black disciples
Commit, worst crimes...

Invoke of darkness
Track Name: Sworn Into Battle
Thy altar of christian worship, defiled
Swindlers of a Jewish belief
Lesser, inferior, foolish and weak
Your traditions go unfound
And your children remain unborn
decades of our necromantical spell
You guide our way...

In pagan worship, transfixed in your glare
Bitter hatred and contempt
Let our infernal master guide the new way
Greed, thief, the false prophet
Not one but all
The All Merciful, spit upon
Peace And Blessing
Ruined in the wake

Bread has been broken for the last time
Famine spread across the faithful lands
The children weep for their mothers
Slaughtered and burned
Encircled until forgotten
In pestilence...
Track Name: Resurrecting the Forgotten Ancients
Moonlight, shed its decaying skin
A dagger unsheathed from its holding
In search, smile at death

Mock the joyful rays of purity
Into the skull will end the grief
Bitter flame burning near
Listen for the sound of laughter
Chant the eternal song of dismay

Blessed whore, carnal filth
Drinking wine of victory
On this day no more agony
Hear the call of your mortal fate

Rape, now heaven burns
Slaughter of the last and feeble swine
No reward for a life of loyal faith

Like a useless pig
I writhe in the darkest of sin,
You rot...
Track Name: Der Sieg ist Unser (Absurd cover)
Lord of War, Lord of the Night
When morning comes, the battle begins
Against sub-human beings, but nothing stops our course
God, Yahweh, we'll open your bastard

Der sieg ist unser!

Südland will fall, as Ostland fell
To eradicate is our goal
Israel, destroyed Judah in the dirt
The legions of fate have directed them all
What a massacre, blood and nuclear fires
We are Nordlands Wlfe, true monsters
On the warpath, armed with steel swords
Bringing corruption, and death and eternal torment
We are the masters of war, the masters of the night
When morning comes, the battle begins
Against sub-human beings, but nothing stops our course
God, Yahweh, we'll open your bastard

Der sieg ist unser!
Track Name: Shield of Empathy
Wind, tears of a silent hymn
Our Battle drawing near...
The Enemy is certain
Deliver a last Breath

Burning skies and rain
Marks the destruction
18 Nights of total blackness
Feeling evil reach the gates
Plains of misery and torment
Under cloak of endless night
Chosen in sacramental abhorrence

Determined raids
Shielded from empathy

Sacrifice of blood and lust
Swords sharp for our enemy
Prevail above the bastard
Murder the sons of god
The Pearl Kingdom
Rusted, abolished
In the wake of our destruction...

Determined raids
Shielded from empathy