Sworn Into Battle

from by Wald Krypta



Thy altar of christian worship, defiled
Swindlers of a Jewish belief
Lesser, inferior, foolish and weak
Your traditions go unfound
And your children remain unborn
decades of our necromantical spell
You guide our way...

In pagan worship, transfixed in your glare
Bitter hatred and contempt
Let our infernal master guide the new way
Greed, thief, the false prophet
Not one but all
The All Merciful, spit upon
Peace And Blessing
Ruined in the wake

Bread has been broken for the last time
Famine spread across the faithful lands
The children weep for their mothers
Slaughtered and burned
Encircled until forgotten
In pestilence...


from Pandemic Winds​.​.​., released December 26, 2016



all rights reserved


Wald Krypta

Black Metal from USA/Canada

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